About BEagle Property

Nathan and Phoebe Berry are the founders of the real estate agency Berry Eagle (BEagle) Property.  BEagle Property was established by faith in Christ Jesus and as a tribute to Phoebe’s mum who was so passionate about real estate and carrying on the legacy she left behind “to be blessed so we can be a blessing for others”.

Nathan and Phoebe have been able to organically grow their portfolio and client base at BEagle Property over time through providing friendly, people focused service while acting with the utmost professionalism and standards, far beyond what most small businesses (and some large) normally operate at.

Nathan and Phoebe’s vision for BEagle Property is to create “Real Estate with a Compassionate Heart” and to be a beacon of light in the industry.  Real estate is about connecting with other people and being part of their important decision making that can make huge impact in their life.  Based on Nathan and Phoebe’s own experiences in moving from Melbourne to Queensland, selling and buying multiple properties, and renting, we absolutely understand how emotional, draining, and stressful process that can be whether buying, selling, renting or moving house.  Through our services at BEagle Property we aim to help you reduce those stresses by giving you a first class and compassionate experience.

We believe each person that God brings along our path has priceless value and worth, and by putting in practice the values that we carry within us, we can bring fresh vision to others and have long lasting impacts whether for clients, customer, colleagues or competitors.  Nathan and Phoebe are strong believers of treating others like you want to be treated.  We are passionate in helping others in as many ways that we can.  This intersects with our passion with real estate to help others sell or rent out their property, or to find the right property to buy, to live in, to invest in, or to rent.

Nathan and Phoebe are also passionate helping others in need (especially those who are experiencing poverty by no choice of their own, many who live in third world countries).  As parents of two beautiful daughters, Nathan and Phoebe both have strong compassion towards children especially those whose living in poverty and being sold to human trafficking.  We support both Australian and overseas children to say NO for bullying, drugs, alcohol, abortions, and human trafficking.  For we believe it’s beyond important to build up our young generation to reach to their full potential to make a difference for this world to live in.  These young generation are our future leaders.

Prior to getting involved in real estate and establishing BEagle Property, Nathan has had extensive experience working with and advising at a senior management level to Blue Chip organisations and in complex Government environments, being responsible for multi-million dollar portfolios and projects.  In everything Nathan does, he aims to achieve the highest level of service, quality and standard, while putting people first and excelling and exceeding expectations in results.  He has worked in both Australia and Indonesia across multiple industries.

Phoebe Berry is a “natural people person” who has work experience in Real Estate, Commercial-Immigration Law, Banking, Financial Risk Management and Customer Service both in Australia and Indonesia.

Nathan and Phoebe are channeling their combined skills and experience with their passion for people and property, and delivering the highest level of service possible through their real estate agent – BEagle Property.

We hope you have the opportunity to use our services one day.

God Bless

Nathan & Phoebe Berry